Stringing Materials

Stringing Materials 


  • Nylon Satin Cord

    Griffin Nylon Satin Cords are round cords made of polished and extremely soft nylon,  in fashionable bright and vivid colours. They are extremely durable and tear-proof, with high tensile strength and low elasticity. As this highly polished material is so soft, the satin cords are very supple and elegant and feel nice against your skin. Griffin Nylon Satin Cords are ideal for a range of knotting techniques and decorative knots, such as kumihimo and Chinese knotting. They are also perfect for braiding and stringing on beads with large hole.

  • Waxed Cotton Cord

    Griffin Waxed Cotton cords are an indispensable and versatile beading material, especially for making fashion jewelry. They are quick and easy to handle and are extremely popular for costume jewelry and crafts, thanks to their robust nature and the wide range of colours available. The round braid of Griffin high-quality cotton cords  makes them robust and durable with reduced elasticity.The wax coating of these cotton cords gives them a smooth, slightly polished finish and enhances their vivid colours , so they look even more beaufitul. In the versions with smaller diameters the cords are ideal as a beading material for gemstone beads and kumihimo. All diameters are equally effective for creating bracelets and necklaces that are twisted multiple times as Shamballa bracelets.

  • Wire
  • Ilusion Cord

    Griffin Illusion Cord is a crystal-clear nylon thread which is perfectly suited for the creation of pieces of jewelry incorporating seemingly "floating" crystals, glass beads and stones. This  thread is especially tear-proof and subtle and it has been particularly developed for the production of jewelry. It can also be knotted at the ends

  • Power Cord

    Griffin Power Cord consists of high-tech fibres with a specially dense molecular structure. It's tensile strength is unbelievable, even for the threads with smaller size.These fibres are 15 times stronger than steel, wich makes them the strongest fibres in the world. The result is absolute safety for your jewelry. This thread is however as smooth as silk, pliable and excellent to work with. Since it does not stretch your jewelry will not elongate over time.

    This high-tech solution is the ideal choice for jewelry with gemstones, heavier beads and metal beads with difficult or small drilled holes  that require  the use of a thin thread. No other bead cord, especially with a small diameter, has the tensile strength of Griffin Power Cord.

  • Jewelry Elastic Cord
  • Griffin Nylon coated...

    Griffin Bead Stringing Wire consists of seven miniature steel wires twisted together to give the wire its flexibility, softness and tensile strenght. The transparent Griffin nylon coating guarantees great durability,  long-lasting flexibility and good protection against abrasion. It is soft and flexible enough to be knotted.

  • Fireline
  • DuraThread

    DuraThread™ is a new beading thread to the market, developed by industry insiders to offer an affordable yet industry-level quality product for both hobbyist and professionals alike. Suitable for jewellery making, general crafting, sewing and more.

    DuraThread boasts the following features: – Near Zero Stretch – Super Abrasion Resistance (great for working with sharp edged beads such as Delicas and Crystals) – QuadCore 4 Strand Braid Technology – soft and flexible – 0.08mm Diameter – fits size 10 and 12 beading needles – 2.7kg (6lb) Break Strength

  • Miyuki Thread
  • Sono
  • Ko
  • Toho One-G
  • S-Lon
  • S-Lon Bead Cord

    Nylon bead cord perfect for Macramè, Crochet and Kumihimo with seed beads.

  • Miyuki Bead Crochet

    This is the best thread for bead crochet due to a special resin treatment that will ensure your thread will not come undone.

  • Transparent Nylon Thread
  • Soutache Braid
  • Leather Cord
  • Suede Ribbon
  • Cords
  • Hollow Silicone Cord