Beads Mine Christmas Beading Contest 2015


"Beads Mine christmas Beading Contest 2015" will reward the 3 best creations inspired by Christmas, realized with beading technique (also following free on-line tutorials). The prizes are vouchers for purchaising goods on the site of the following amounts: 1st prize voucher of 70 €, 2nd prize voucher of € 50, 3rd prize voucher of 30 €.

To participate at the contest you have to:

- Be customer of the site Beads Mine (at least one order).

- Subscribe to Beads Mine Facebook Group and Page.

- Use in the creation at least one of the following beads: Es-O Beads, Tri-bead, Crescent, Crisscross Cubes, Quad Bead, One Bead, Button Bead, Pinch Bead, Bar, Quadratile or Quadralentil.

- The creation can be original or even realized following patterns or free tutorials.

- Send a photo of the creation under construction and one when the creation is completed with beside a note handwritten  "Beads Mine Christmas Contest 2015" to the email by the day 19 December 2015 (last day for participating at the contest).

The contest will be valid only if there are at least 20 participants. If the minimum number of 20 participants is not reached, we will anyway reward  the 3 best creations but with but with consolation prize vouchers of 15 euro each for the first,  second and third classified.

As judges, in addition to myself, there will be the very skillfull designers Margherita Fusco and Antonella Barra.
On 21 December 2015 the names of the winners will be published on the Beads Mine website, facebook page and facebook group.
The vouchers will be given to the three winners on 07 January 2016 and will be usable from that date untill 7 March 2016 (voucher can not be combined with other promotions such as closeout and so on). The vouchers do not include shipping costs and are not partially usable, but must be used all in one time.

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