Loyalty Program

We are pleased to inform you that we have introduced a nice innovation! Starting from today 24th September for all purchases  (of any amount) on Beads Mine web site you'll receive a certain number of loyalty points on your account, based on your order amout (without shipping costs).

Points are convertible with a  discount voucher  usable for next orders. The minimum quantity of points you need to create a discount voucher is 3000,  which is the equivalent of 10 Euros real discount.

After you logged in, you can check your point amout in your account in " My Loyalty Points" or directly in your basket . In the basket you can see the points you get if you'll confirm the goods you have in it and,  at the bottom,  you have a view of  the  total amount of points you acquired with previous orders. Moreover  if you have reached 3000 required points you can immediately convert them there with a voucher discount, which will be added automatically to  your basket without typing any code.

Once created you can also see the voucher in "My vouchers" and untill you use it , you'll always see it in the basket with option "use this voucher", so you won't forget it.

Points will not be assigned on  discounted articles or promotions (birthday voucher and so on). Loyalty Program will not work during sale periods or promotions.

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.