About us

What's creativity? Of course each of us will give a different answer..Some people will say that it is the revelation of our alter ego, seeing things with new eyes, keeping children innocence, creating things which do not exist or that exist only on our mind, express our unicity....All correct assertions and we could list infinitive of endless is creativity. But there is a special thing in common with all artists and it is the passion for what they do. This is the “essential ingredient” for artists, as they work with their hands, their mind and their heart. There is no creativity without passion.

Yes, passion....It accidentaly happens that you approach a new world you did not know before and from which you immediately feel attracted. It's love at first sight. You have surely already figured out that I'm talking about the fantastic and magic world of Beadwork and Beads. I have always loved jewelry and gemstones and once I had an idea ; what if I try to make them by myself? And from there it all began. Like it was a game I started looking for materials and tutorials for techniques on internet. My first trials were just connecting chains and gemstones. While interest grew, also my researches did, and the time dedicated to them, That was how I discovered Beading technique .and a new great passion was born.

Lately an idea appeared on my mind and it became a maggot, that is to combine my beads addiction with an old and never realized wish to have my own business; thus this e-commerce site “Beads Mine” is born. And now a new adventure begins, a challenge. I don't know where this will take me, I have many doubts and uncertainties, the way is not easy and it's all uphill, as I could see in these months of attainment, but I know for sure that I will commit all my strength and energy and with the utmost professionality, reliability and accuracy I will try to meet your beaders'needs in offering you the best jewelry components at the best quality / price ratio, to introduce you to the latest news, to find particular items that can enhance your creations and make them unique. I like looking for rare and original things and now I will do it for you because each one is special and deserves the best.

Your criticism and suggestions will be very appreciated and useful to learn, to grow, to improve and to offer you an increasingly high level service.

I therefore invite you to let me know your impressions, opinions and requests by using the contact section.

Thank you in advance.

Beads Mine